What am I doing here?

I'm trying to own my own data and divest from social media. This site is my first attempt at expressing that. Eventually I'll move my activities from Twitter and Instagram—the only two social media platforms I still use regularly—here and either syndicate the content there or, hopefully/eventually, delete those accounts entirely.

I've blogged on my own and in the name of independent music in the past, but as people migrated to Facebook and Twitter and life got busier, maintaining too many sites got exhausting. Discovering the indieweb movement, and joining the growing demographic of folks who are increasingly disillusioned with popular social media, has given new life to the idea of running a single personal site. I might even cover some easy ways to build a site like this yourself. I get the sense that a lot of people would like to find ways to divest from social media platforms, but not everyone has the tech skills to do that easily.

If you are a person who's tolerated following me on other social platforms, add this site to your RSS reader of choice (remember those?) or just check back here at your leisure.

Anyway, more soon.

published 2020-10-04