About me

I'm a US-based software engineer. Here, have some buzzwords: Python, JavaScript (mostly Node.js, recovering front-end React/Redux), Clojure, Rust, Kubernetes, containers, devops, SRE, Linux, Neovim, i3wm. Currently running Arch as my daily driver, which I am obligated to announce whenever possible.

Not a fan of capitalism, cryptocurrency, fascism, racism, sexism or the current state of American politics. Would love to expat to Ireland someday.

Seeking ways to use tech to support a more equitable future. Intrigued at whether that can be done using p2p, decentralization, federation, and shared protocols instead of centralized, ad-driven, algorithm-powered services. Often tempted to self-host when viable open source options exist.

A longtime music enthusiast and occasional musician. Guitar, drums, esoteric electronics and computer-based music with Pure Data and VCV Rack. I DJ a weekly show on WXNA, a low-power FM, community-organized radio station in Nashville.

Also a husband and a parent to two kids, three dogs, several chickens, and a large vegetable garden where we’re slowly learning the art of permaculture.

Where else to find me

Some of these places are listed in the navigation, but for the sake of completeness: